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    Sabine Rosch is a photographer from the north of Germany. Her photographic vision is dreamy and emotional with a touch of fantasy. Sabine's main focus is fashion photography and you can tell from her photos that she sees more than just the face or the clothes; she sees an entire world waiting for it's story to be told through the lens.

    When and how did you get involved in photography? Since my childhood I've liked to do creative things, like drawing. I got involed in photography because, with it, I can tell stories with photographs and capture special moments. I started with photography in 2004 when I got my first digital camera and I concentrated on pictures with a focus on nature. In 2006 I began to photograph people, because I was fascinated in finding possible ways to show things that weren’t obvious at first sight. What sort of things do you draw inspiration from? I get a lot of inspiration from life around me, films, books and music. But also magazines and current fashion trends because my focus is definitely fashion photography. I always start out with a theme and build from there. Is photography your main creative outlet or do you also experiment with other forms of art? Photography is my main creative outlet. Where do you see photography taking you? Do you want to pursue it as a profession? It would be great if I have further success with photography and someday could make an editorial shooting for a large, well-known fashion magazine. Your photographs have been featured in magazines like Vogue Italia and Musikexpress, what were those experiences like? It was a really great experience and a special moment to see my photos on the Vogue Italia website and in the print-issue of Musikexpress. These things give me the ambition to build on in photography. Do you think that being a photographer changed the way you see the world? Yes I do, because I see things around me that maybe I had previously not discovered in common ways. Tell us a little about where you live. Does your environment affect your photography? I live in a small town called Emden and is located in the north-west of Germany near the sea. Here are many lovely places like the shores of the north-sea and much open country with many beautiful and hidden places around to take photos. What is your dream photoshoot if you could do anything you wanted? Any shoot where I can be really creative and use as many props and costumes as I'd like. What does photography, art and being an artist mean to you? I can realize my dreams and ideas that I couldn't express without photography. You say that you like to build identities through your photographs. How do you find these identities and how do you bring them out? I like to build new identities like mythical creatures, fairy tales etc. I get my inspiration for this from books, music and films. What are 5 things you couldn't live without? My lovely husband, my family, my two cats and not to forget my beloved camera

    You can find more of Sabine's work at zeit-bild or find her on facebook.
    Photo credits: 
    Photo 2-6 & 9
    Model: Bettina
    MUA & Hair: Wilma Wahnsinn

    Photos 1, 7 & 8

    Model: Katharina

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