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    Alex Montenegro has a sweet, soft, honey-filled voice, with it she pours out her thoughts over the gentle pull of guitar strings. I had the pleasure of interviewing her and I discovered a lovely and determined soul who feels most at home amongst her records, turning her thoughts into music. 

    How old are you and when and how did you get started writing music? I am eighteen years old. I've been writing music for a long time, even before I owned my first guitar, which was at the age of nine! It kind of just started. I used to think of terrible rhymes and I would write terrible lyrics to sing along. Then the guitar came, and songs started becoming actual songs! What do you need to write a song? I don't need much! Something to write my thoughts down on and an instrument. What does music mean to you? Music is a way of expressing yourself...an open journal. To me, it's a less embarrassing way to talk about all the heart ache and wants in life. Without it, I'd probably be experiencing a lot of anxiety, grudges, and regrets. Music is medicine, and it means a lot to me. Not even just writing, but also listening to others. What instruments do you play and what one is your favorite and why? I play piano, guitar, the celtic harp, ukulele, and long grass pieces! My favorite instrument is the guitar. It's the most satisfying instrument for me. I feel like I can share emotion, not only with words, but with sound. It's the only instrument I am capable of doing that with. You have beautiful song titles and lyrics (I particularly love the lyrics of your new song 'it's been a while and I am trying to stop clenching my fist'), it's clear you love writing as well. How important are the lyrics in a song to you? Thank you. It's pretty important. In a way, writing lyrics gives me closure. It allows me to open up, and tell a story. I'm not a fan of talking about things, so every word I write is something you'd find in a journal of mine. Describe your own process of creating a song:
    My song writing process isn't anything specific. Sometimes I write poems, other times I pick up a guitar, and it goes from there! Lately I've just been picking up the guitar, pressing the record button, and singing and playing what I feel. It's interesting! What comes out of my mouth without actually processing what i'm thinking. Two of the three songs on the last release were written like that, and the recordings you hear are the actual first recordings. I didn't want to rerecord them, it wouldn't have been as honest if I did. What are some other artists you like and is your work inspired by them? Yes, definitely! There are so many artist that I love and am inspired by! K. Matsson, Justin Vernon, Joanna Newsom, early Bob Dylan, Zach Codon, the list could go on forever! Lately I've been really inspired by fellow upcoming musicians. Mitch Welling of flatsound, in particular.  What kind of things do you take inspiration from? I take inspiration from memories, distance, wanting, loving, and change. What are you working on right now? I am currently working on my next release! It's very exciting. It's taking a lot longer than expected, though. I keep thinking I'm done, but I end up cutting a song or two the next day. I can't wait for it to be finished. Do you go to school? If so how do you juggle making music and school? I do go to school! School doesn't take much of my time, really. It hasn't affected making music. If anything, making music affects school. I sometimes put off assignments to record or write! If you weren't a musician what would you do? I'm not sure. I've been thinking about that a lot lately. People at college are so intent on having an "actual career", it's frustrating. It seems like you are looked at differently for wanting to do something you love. I think I'd open a cute little shop if I couldn't be a musician. Do you perform in public? I do! I try to set up a small gig every now and then. I love preforming. I'd preform every day if I could! What are some things you daydream about? I day dream about traveling, falling in love, touring... silly things! What do you find beautiful? I find a lot of things beautiful! The sky, stars, flowers, and moon. Shared memories, Joanna Newsom albums, animals, the first cold wind of the year, and kind souls. What are five things you couldn't live without? Five things I couldn't live without? My guitar, record collection, record player, friends, and family!

    it's been awhile and i'm trying to stop clenching my fist - alex montenegro

    You can also find Alex on tumblr at littlerunawaybunny.

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